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Facebook Ads are highly targeted to data, based on location, demographics, and profile information. Your business can get its word across rapidly, and to the right target audience. Nexiix Marketing manages 100% of your Facebook Ad so that you don’t have to. On average our customers see a 110% ROI on their Facebook Ads.

Google Ads are targeted towards a persons spontaneous interest and search. For example; Your potential customers are searching and in need of your service/product on Google. Whoever shows up first in those results has a 97% chance of being clicked on. Search Engine Optimization is a non-Ad option that can help with google rankings.

Instagram Ads are targeted to users on the Facebook platform that are more likely to interact with an advertisement on the Instagram app. It is highly likely that the Instagram user has a Facebook account and all of that users data is then used to target the right Instagram accounts when creating a captivating ad for your business. It is estimated that over one billion users spend an average of 27 minutes a day on the app.  

TikTok Ads are a new advertising opportunity for many businesses. TikTok describes itself as a entertainment platform rather than a social media channel. With over 800 million users spending an average of 52 minutes a day on the platform it’s no wonder why this app is being hailed the “Next Big Thing” in advertising. Nexiix has partnered with TikTok as one of it’s first advertisers currently beta testing our premier clients Ads.


Typically, digital marketing is referred to as any form of marketing that involves electronic devices and online platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, social media pages and websites. 

But the truth is that digital marketing is so much more than that. 

Today, people in the United States alone spend so much time plugged into social media on their electronic devices that digital marketing represents the single best option for virtually any brand to engage their audience and attract new prospective customers. 

According to one recent study, the average American spends more than 11 hours per day using some form of electronic media. This includes watching nearly 5 hours of live television, spending about 1.5 hours on their smartphones or tablets, and just under 3 hours per day listening to the radio. 

When you look at facts like these, it becomes easy to see why digital marketing has become the most effective way for brands to reach their target audiences. 

When we think of digital marketing, most people think of it as one single topic. 

However, digital marketing is actually a broad practice that covers a wide range of different marketing strategies, which help businesses identify, engage, and convert prospects via some digital medium. 

Digital marketing efforts can also have a wide range of different goals and objectives, such as gaining new leads, building an email list, or selling a product or service. 

The most common digital marketing objective is to increase a website’s traffic organically, which is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase sales, gain invaluable customer insight, and solidify your brand’s image. 


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"My adertising campaign on Facebook received a 200% return on investment. This has helped our IT company tremendously."
Angie Sanders
Chief Technology Officer
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