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What is SEO? We like to keep things simple here at Nexiix Marketing so we have tried to break this down as best we can. 

SEO is the process of increasing the quality of your website so that when searched, your business is ranked highest. SEO can be broken down in two parts. “Chatter” or Back- Linking, and Keyword optimization. These two methods work simultaneously to increase the quantity and quality of traffic on your website as well as your Search Engine Ranking.

Nexiix SEO specialists will first run a full scan of your business to see how and where it is ranked. This scan gives Nexiix SEO Specialists the information needed in order to understand what needs to be fixed to increase your ranking. From here we proceed to creating rich content, filled with keywords that are relevant to your business.  This content is a major component for the second step, which is the “Chatter” or Back-Linking.  Back- Linking takes your content to the next level with contextual backlinks. These backlinks will in turn increase your ranking. This is just a basic break down of a very in depth and lengthy process.

Our SEO specialists at Nexiix Marketing are here to help you and your business be seen. If you have any questions about the process please  “Request an appointment” above to speak to a specialist or If you are already familiar with SEO and want to order our SEO service you can do so directly online.


Are you ready to get started and don’t need to speak to a local marketing professional before your purchase? 

"We are the #1 nail salon when you search "Nail Salons in Parsippany" and that should tell you enough about Nexiix SEO.
Alex Kim
Nail Salon Owner
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